Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a blast! Although I only got one decent workout in, it was totally worth it to spend some time with the people I love. This is what I spent my weekend doing:

*Babysitting one of the cutest babies on the planet.
*A great treadmill workout at a semi decent pace.
*Celebrating my best friend's bday...happy 26th E!
*Having great late night fun with my hunk and his best friend, D.
*Trying on a bridesmaids dress and going out to lunch with some great gals.
*Having a movie/pizza night with my lovely little monsters and the chunky hunk.
*Eating a delicious breakfast with my parents.
*Shopping for groceries with only one monster in tow (heaven!)

Ahh. Anyway, I apologize for not posting the workout that I had promised earlier in the week...but I will post it soon! Hope everyone had a wonderful, restful, relaxing weekend.

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