Monday, February 28, 2011

Officially, Official

I registered for a sprint tri. OMG.

I mean, OMG. I still have 15 lbs to lose and I have never really gotten into swimming. What was I thinking!?

Well, I guess I was thinking that there is a huge difference between training and just working out. Training is when you work towards a fitness goal. I'm not merely working out anymore, I'm training. I like the sound of that.

Details? It's the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon. It's a 750Y swim, 17 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. I'm so excited to start training for this. For the next few weeks I'll just be getting some base training in, I need to start swimming and amp up my biking. As far as the running, I'm training for a 3.5 warrior dash in June, so I've already been running a fair amount. I am so excited that my good friend, A, and I decided to do this as our fitness goal. We both will be turning 26 in July, and this event is July 10th, so this will not only be a challenge for us, but a way to celebrate our 26th birthdays!Anyway, enough of that for now, I'm sure I'll be talking about it pretty much non-stop for the next few months. A, let the fun begin!

Another thing to make official, I've lost 12 lbs since the beginning of the! And am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm so happy to get 12 lbs (almost as much as my 5 month old weighs now!) off my body. I can already feel a difference in my running, a 10 minute mile pace is not a stretch anymore, in fact my dad and I ran 3 miles yesterday morning at around an 8 minute mile pace. It feels great to be getting back to my pre-baby body. Only 15 or so more pounds to go! (Or the rest of the pregnancy weight from the Big Monster.) Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to another fit and healthy week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boo Hoo and YAHOO!

So let me start of with a little whining...I'm sooooooooooooo tired. Seriously. I. Am. Tired. Something happened to my wonderful 5 month old daughter that took her from a decent sleeper (7-8 hours straight) to an awful, no good, very bad sleeper. Last night was the 4th night in a row that she woke up twice in the night, I know, I'm a bit of a sissy...but come on, when you're used to getting up once at 4 or 5am and suddenly you're up at 1:30 and stinks!

This is what I look like after 5 hours of sleep.

Alright, enough woe is me...onto my YAHOO!

Yesterday I ran my first 5K in about 2 years! It was on the dreadmill of course, because with the girls, unless I go to the gym, I can't fit a run in Monday-Thursday with chunky hunk's long work hours and with mini monster's sporadic sleep schedule in the early am hours. So it was tedious running in one place...but at least I got to watch some Sex in the City while I was running. Anyway, I did it at a super slow pace (10:11/miles) but I am still super proud of myself. I am signing up today (TODAY) for my first 5K since dad and I are running together and I can't wait. We did make a small bet on who could finish faster, so I guess after I get a few more base miles in this month, next month I have to throw in some speed work and hills, but hey, I'm back baby!

...well almost. Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Promises, promises...

Dear Blog Readers,

I'm so sorry, I've been a bad blogger! I sincerely apologize for my extended absence, I've had a tough few weeks. I am emotionally and physically drained right now, which explains my lack of new posts. I have had both the stomach bug and a pretty terrible cold in the past 2 weeks and of course, so have my kids. AND we're potty training. YIKES.

On top of being sick, I've been having one of those moments in my life where I've been questioning my goals and the decisions I've made. I love being a mommy and a wife more than anything in the world but sometimes I feel as though I may not be cut out to be a mommy to 3 under 3. I know that this is the hardest job I've ever done in my life, caring for and molding 3 beautiful, crazy, happy, little girls. Sometimes I question if I've made the right decision to stay home and take care of them...shouldn't I be out working? Doesn't society tell me that women don't belong at home anymore, they belong out in the real world? I don't know why I've let comments and opinions of people I don't care about get to me this way, but sometimes I've just had enough. Stay at home moms certainly don't get enough credit, we work hard and at the end of the day, I'm completely and utterly exhausted. I guess I've reached my decision, yes, I am proud to be a stay at home mommy. PROUD. It's what I'm cut out for and what I'm meant to do. What in the world could be more fulfilling then watching my 3 monsters grow and develop into 3 beautiful young ladies? Nothing. I just needed to clear my head and realize how important my job is, no matter what anyone says, what I do matters, it matters to me, my children and my chunky hunk that works so gosh darn hard to support us.

Ok, now that I've cleared my head (sorry it took 2 weeks to do so!) I feel as though I can get back to focusing on health and fitness. Which, by the way, I still have been focusing on, just not as much as that big question rumbling around in my skull. I'm beyond ecstatic to say that I've lost 10 lbs since the first of the year! I know it's not a ton, but hey, for me, it's a great step. I'm so proud of myself for eating healthy, cutting down on empty calories and getting some great exercise in everyday. How have your workouts been going?

So onto dear friend and fitness enthusiast, A, has suggested that I set not only a fitness/weight loss goal, but also a blogging goal. So my goal is to write a new post at least twice a week. It's not a ton, but I know how busy I get during the week with the monsters, so it's something I believe I can do. Also, my other goal, is to lose a pound this week and run a total of 12 miles. Last week I did 9, so I think I can jump to 12. Onto my promises...I promise to stick to my aforementioned goal of posting twice a week, as well as adding in the at home workout I blogged about 2 weeks ago, stay tuned! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and a healthy beginning of February!