Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cutest Babies in the World and TTT

Happy Tuesday bloggy buddies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I certainly enjoyed mine and even got a kick butt workout in on Sunday...6 speedy miles of running and 23 HILLY miles on the bike...needless to say I enjoyed a HUGE burger, a massive amount of raw veggies, and some fro yo afterwards :)

I have fabulous news, this weekend, it was confirmed that I have one faithful reader! Shout out to my good friend and one of the cutest mommies I know, S! :) Speaking of this pretty lady, we spent a good part of our Saturday together...did you know that when the two of us get together it is very likely that we will shatter a small dog's eardrums? Seriously, you should hear us gush and baby talk...we're pros. Why? Well, look at these cute stinkin' babies!

My baby monster, PJ, and the cutest Log Man!

It would be too much to ask if all the kids looked at me at the exact same time, haha.

Now it's time for me to introduce, Triple Tangent Tuesday! TTT is where I share 3 completely random tidbits about myself. I stole this from quite a few of the many blogs that I read. Please feel free to do the same on your blog or in comments...just so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself :)

1. I ran cross-country in middle school and high school and qualified for states my senior year. I wasn't super speedy, but I certainly loved it. I was even the team captain my senior year.

2. I cannot survive without coffee. I set my coffee maker to brew it for me in the morning and have a cup immediately upon waking. Even my kids know about my caffeine habit. In the words of monster O "mommy can't start the day without her coffee." I blame my father for this shameful addiction.

3. I am kinda obsessed cupcakes. I love baking them and I love eating them. I can't help myself either, when I see any article of children's clothing with a cupcake on it, I'm compelled to buy it. I'm sure by now my friends are sick of me force feeding them my cupcakes, haha.

Oh, and I want to give it another go with the whole weekly goal deal, I find it gives me lots of motivation to post my goal online. My goal this week is to run 20 miles and swim twice this week. (Losing another pound wouldn't hurt either...)

Hope you all are having a beautiful (rainy) day!


  1. Oh yes, you so need to win that shirt! You little baby is so cute! Love those stripy pjs and I have a Logan at my house! And I love the reasons why you run!

  2. I found your blog through bessbefit! Im a mommy blogger/ health/ fitness blogger to! I also had twins 9 months ago and started blogging to get back in shape! 3 under 3 is amazing.. I can't imagine! your a mommy rockstar! keep it up!
    I blog over at

  3. I love the blog Kt! You look fabulous and continue to motivate those around you to be the best Mommies they can be! - SJ :)